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Today, the day after the 1st of our 3 beautiful children has graduated, I would like to write a note of thanks! First, I would like to thank Ken Knowles! Sixteen years ago we were working together, he knew I was very concerned about Lauren in school, and suggested speaking with his wife, Tracy! What a blessing Tracy was! She has a master’s degree in learning disabilities. With Tracy’s guidance we learned Lauren has the “gift of dyslexia!” A gift it truly is as when dyslexics are given the proper situation to learn in they are able to soar!!! Tracy was in our lives guiding us for many years! I know Tracy is as proud of Lauren as we are!!! Thank you, thank you, Tracy!!! Not only did Lauren graduate from KSU with one of the most difficult degrees, she graduated cum laude with a gpa of 3.62!

Dear Tracy, We want to thank you for providing tutoring services for Alex and for all of your expertise and advice about dyslexia along the way. We feel very fortunate to have been introduced to you by Susan and in turn, to Devin through you. You both are incredibly talented! We have seen so much improvement in Alex this year. It has not just been reflected in his ability to read and write, but also in his confidence and self-esteem. For this we are so grateful and indebted to you both.

Again, I can’t say how much Knowles Learning Specialists helped our oldest son Robbie. He is now a straight A student! She taught him ways to learn that worked for HIM…NOT what works for everyone else. He had severe dyslexia and had great difficulty reading & processing. Before he started tutoring with them, getting homework done was a nightmare & a constant source of contention. Now we don’t even have to tell him to do his homework. He starts it without being told. It’s no longer an issue. Grades are no longer an issue. LOVE Knowles Learning Specialists & Mrs. Tracy!

Tracy, can’t tell you how much we have talked about you and how good you have been for Nathan. He helped me with a volunteer activity for homeless children yesterday, which required a lot of very hot, car time. He told me several stories about things you have shared with him. You really mean a lot to him. That doesn’t surprise me. I knew what kind of person you were from the first. In addition to helping him academically, you have helped him in so many other ways.

Tracy, you have changed my daughters LIFE! She can’t wait for your sessions and is for once ENTHUSIASTIC about learning. You are the best! Thank you, Doug Singleton (Singleton Orthodontics)

He did his two pages of homework you gave him. Five pages I had on the C&G rule. No errors at all. Three comprehension stories with questions – independently – and he had to give the stories titles. 100% on all stories with great titles!!! Wait there is more. He did drill so fast I couldn’t keep up flipping the cards. NO ERRORS at all and we have not drilled since he saw you last. Still more. He was reading a story, and he said mom this book is wrong. They should not have started this sentence with “And” and they should have put commas in these three places. I didn’t even know he knew what a comma was!!! The most heart wrenching part is he said, “Mom, I am smarter than I thought I was.” He just asked me if he could do more comprehension stories because they are fun! I will let you know how much more he does. Are you seeing him on Sunday? I am so happy I can’t see straight, and I owe you so much thanks. You called it over a year ago. It just took us awhile to see it. Thank you for everything you have done for him. You are AWESOME!

Although grades have not officially been distributed my daughter has a 90 for the 2nd nine weeks in math! I am so happy! The weekly sessions with Kelli are obviously working. She truly understands the information now. Her confidence is much higher and she will make the A/B honor roll again.

Thank you!

John has loved Tracy from the beginning. He begs to do drill and dictation – not just with her but at home, in the car, anytime we have some down time. She has given me tools and tricks to help keep his interest in reading and writing. He has never complained about going to his tutoring sessions – and this hasn’t been the case with other tutoring situations! Even on days that are tougher for him, when she is adding something new or is touching on a tougher issue for him, she gracefully handles his disappointments and builds him up – gives him confidence and reassurance. However, she’s not easy on him. She is clear to him that some days are going to require more out of him and supports his rising to the occasion. She is knowledgeable about working with children with dyslexia, and I have seen a great deal of improvement in my son’s understanding and learning since we started seeing her just 3 months ago. We are very thankful to have found such an awesome tutor.

I wanted to email you before spring break and just let you know that he is beginning to comment on how this is really paying off. I hear the enthusiasm in his voice, and I am more excited about this than I ever have been about anything academic for him. I would have never guessed that it would have affected him like this. Thank you so much for what you do.

Our son, who was in the first grade was having difficulty keeping up with his first grade reading requirements. He lost all self-confidence in his academic abilities. Thanks for caring teachers he was soon tested and diagnosed with dyslexia. We were directed to Mrs. Knowles for tutoring. What a difference a year makes! Our son now enjoys reading and is able to keep up with all of his classmates. School is a joy! While we are thrilled with his academic success, we are equally pleased with his acceptance of his dyslexia, and how he has learned to work with it in every aspect of his life. It is because of Mrs. Knowles’ understanding of dyslexia that she has been able to erase his fears so much that he now embraces and works confidently with his learning challenges. Our son is happy, loves school and is ready to learn. Mrs. Knowles’ proven techniques, combined with our consistent review at home are working. Truly, Mrs. Knowles is a blessing for my son and our entire family.