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Reading and Grammar

He did his two pages of homework you gave him. Five pages I had on the C&G rule. No errors at all. Three comprehension stories with questions – independently – and he had to give the stories titles. 100% on all stories with great titles!!! Wait there is more. He did drill so fast I couldn’t keep up flipping the cards. NO ERRORS at all and we have not drilled since he saw you last. Still more. He was reading a story, and he said mom this book is wrong. They should not have started this sentence with “And” and they should have put commas in these three places. I didn’t even know he knew what a comma was!!! The most heart wrenching part is he said, “Mom, I am smarter than I thought I was.” He just asked me if he could do more comprehension stories because they are fun! I will let you know how much more he does. Are you seeing him on Sunday? I am so happy I can’t see straight, and I owe you so much thanks. You called it over a year ago. It just took us awhile to see it. Thank you for everything you have done for him. You are AWESOME!

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