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Lauren graduated!

Today, the day after the 1st of our 3 beautiful children has graduated, I would like to write a note of thanks! First, I would like to thank Ken Knowles! Sixteen years ago we were working together, he knew I was very concerned about Lauren in school, and suggested speaking with his wife, Tracy! What a blessing Tracy was! She has a master’s degree in learning disabilities. With Tracy’s guidance we learned Lauren has the “gift of dyslexia!” A gift it truly is as when dyslexics are given the proper situation to learn in they are able to soar!!! Tracy was in our lives guiding us for many years! I know Tracy is as proud of Lauren as we are!!! Thank you, thank you, Tracy!!! Not only did Lauren graduate from KSU with one of the most difficult degrees, she graduated cum laude with a gpa of 3.62!

  • Calendar icon December 23, 2015
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