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First Grader with Dyslexia

Our son, who was in the first grade was having difficulty keeping up with his first grade reading requirements. He lost all self-confidence in his academic abilities. Thanks for caring teachers he was soon tested and diagnosed with dyslexia. We were directed to Mrs. Knowles for tutoring. What a difference a year makes! Our son now enjoys reading and is able to keep up with all of his classmates. School is a joy! While we are thrilled with his academic success, we are equally pleased with his acceptance of his dyslexia, and how he has learned to work with it in every aspect of his life. It is because of Mrs. Knowles’ understanding of dyslexia that she has been able to erase his fears so much that he now embraces and works confidently with his learning challenges. Our son is happy, loves school and is ready to learn. Mrs. Knowles’ proven techniques, combined with our consistent review at home are working. Truly, Mrs. Knowles is a blessing for my son and our entire family.

  • Calendar icon August 2, 2012
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