Welcome to Knowles Learning Specialists

The mission of Knowles Learning Specialists is to build bridges enabling students who learn differently to incorporate new skills that lead to success. Children are naturally inquisitive. Learning should be an enjoyable life-long opportunity. Unfortunately, many students who learn differently struggle daily with academics. We teach specific skills and strategies that allow our students to experience success as they continue their education.

Our Process for Educating 4Life

At Knowles Learning Specialists we utilize many different materials and resources including
Orton-Gillingham methodology, Handwriting Without Tears, and numerous other materials that help in the remediation of learning disabilities.

Orton-Gillingham methodology

Orton-Gillingham methodology refers to the systematic, multi-sensory approach to teaching language to children and adults with dyslexia and dyslexic-like learning disorders. The approach integrates various neurological processes during reading and writing by combining visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning activities. The principles and techniques introduced by Orton and Gillingham were revolutionary and continue to exert great influence in the field.

Handwriting Without Tears Certified

Certified (HWT) specialists are occupational therapists, teachers, and educators who have specialized skills and experience using HWT's award-winning curriculum. They are passionate about educating others about handwriting and seek to promote good handwriting habits for all children.